Good question – and many ways, we are too far ahead of our time (not always a good thing when in business!)

We felt that someone had to grasp this fast evolving sector and help translate it into plain English so that people can start understanding and realising the opportunities available, without requiring the technical understanding or necessarily having the time to untangle the ever-changing complexities.

The process from 3D design in a virtual world to 3D print in a physical world is complex and is evolving at a rapid rate. The technology race is one of the fastest evolving in the world today, be it hardware, software or materials – yet it is still a very long way off maturing.


Exciting stuff.

C3D is the 3D agency who comprehensively cover the end-to-end process from concept to global 3d print supply.

We help our clients to understand the technology and enable the reduction, elimination and avoidance of both associated time and cost, whilst ensuring optimum quality of the final product.


We are a 3D design and 3D print agency who make the 3D print journey as easy as A to B

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Discover the power of 3D Printing and our thoughts on how it is being used in today’s world

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