C3D – We are a 3D design and 3D print agency who make the 3D print journey as easy as A to B

3D Design to Print Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management of as much or as little of the 3D design to 3D print process as is required

3D Creative Design and 3D Technical Design for pixel (screen) and voxel (physical)
  • Virtual 3D designs and renders (CGI – Computer Generated Imagery) for static on-screen purposes
  • Moving and interactive designs for on-screen purposes
  • Output files compatible with 3D printing processes
3D Design File Adaptation and Pre-Print Preparation

With the 2D design to print process (known for a long time as DTP – Desk Top Publishing) ‘Garbage in’ to the process usually resulted in ‘Garbage out’.

With a 3D print process not only can ‘Garbage in’ result in Garbage out’, but often it can result in ‘Nothing out’!

C3D specialise in ensuring that you designs print successfully regardless of process, technology or material by covering the following areas:

  • Design file clean up – ensuring that a 3D file that works ‘on screen’ works ‘in print’
  • File simplification for print simplicity
  • Pre-print check for water-tightness, correcting and slicing
  • Material optimisation
  • Material reduction
  • Print time reduction
3D Scanning

C3D provide a full 3D scanning service covering most objects up to the size of a house

3D Print Proofing

To help with proof-of-concept, C3D produce rapid print proofs in lower cost materials before committing to that in more expensive materials such as metals and ceramics

3D Print Prototyping

Prototyping your design or idea in a fast, low-cost method MA

3D Post-print Finishing

Just like in 2d commercial print which often use post-print services such as hot foil block, emboss, deboss, varnish, special effects, die cut, creasing, binding, etc., 3D printed objects often require a finishing process be it cleaning, drying, polishing, assembling, colouring etc. C3D know how to provide the best-possible professional finish to your product, ‘if’ it can’t be managed within the actual print process itself.

3D Print Procurement and Global Sourcing

Through our global network of 3d printers, we strategically and cost-effectively buy print through a simplistic procurement strategy

3D Print Management

Our 3D print technical teams are well versed in providing advice and discipline to ensure that any prints produced are of the highest quality and produced in the most time and cost effective way

On-site 3D printing implementation and management

C3D can provide you with on-site 3D printing technology, which can be remotely driven by us or any of your design teams

3D Print Training

From a basic introduction to 3D design or 3D print, to 3D print process specific training or material training, our 3D print training team can tailor our library of training modules to suit your audience.

Digital Material Colour Management

Digital materials are the combination of two or more materials which are joined together during the printing process. Digital materials are designed to have many unique characteristics which are simply not available through conventional materials. An area of specific interest to us at C3D is the use of coloured materials which are brought together in the printing phase to make different, varying colours or even images.


3D printing materials as a sector is growing as quickly as the hardware sectors.

Materials today can typically be classified as:

  • Photopolymers (a liquid plastic that hardens permanently when exposed to light)
  • Thermoplastics (plastic that softens when heated and solidifies when cooled in solid form (ie. filaments and pellets)and in powder form
  • Metal powders
  • Powder-bed inkjet powders

Materials can be biodegradable, water soluble, flexible, hard and even glow-in-the dark.

The list of possibilities is endless and increases every day.


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