See 3 Dimensions, or C3D for short, the 3D design and 3D print agency

Hello, we are See 3 Dimensions, the world’s first 3D print and design agency with a background in marketing led digital design and print, rather than traditional and prohibitive manufacturing.

We are helping to bring about the next industrial revolution – 3D printing, also known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’. C3D are also facilitating the in-sourcing of production locally, back into the West.

You should expect more from us as we are ‘design led’ and as such, we believe that we can push the boundaries of 3d print further and help transform your business, the way it thinks and the way it produces.


We’re here to help you demystify and simplify what 3D printing (also known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’) actually is and apply it to businesses and brand owners who want to simply learn more, all the way through to those interested in implementing and managing a global 3D design to print supply solution.

Our design teams and consultants are headquartered in Leeds in the North of England and we supply 3D proofing and 3D printing globally through local networks in most city-based locations all around the world.


  • Maximise design complexity and completely exploit ‘design freedom’ through a design-manufacturing process called ODDaM (On Demand Design and Manufacturing)
  • ODDaM reduces what is termed as ‘innovation friction’ – basically the stifling of design and creativity that comes from the more traditional, restrictive manufacturing processes
  • Deliver very cost-effective one-offs and short-run bespoke production as well as totally bespoke product personalisation
  • Provide immediacy and flexibility in the digital-to-physical or pixel-to-voxel process (a voxel by the way is a 3D pixel!)
  • Produce locally in-market or even at-your-site, on-demand and delivered within hours or days, not weeks or months

We understand global businesses and global brand owners but we also love working with the smallest entrepreneurial businesses too. There is nothing more rewarding to us than to helping to bring someone’s initial idea to life and help them on their way to success.

We are completely independent and agnostic – we are totally unbiased with regards to 3d printing process, technology provider, materials, software, workflow etc.

We take your 3D design and printing requirements and we tailor an exact solution to meet your wants, needs and objectives.


We are a 3D design and 3D print agency who make the 3D print journey as easy as A to B

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Discover the power of 3D Printing and our thoughts on how it is being used in today’s world

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